The Community Managers are the direct connections between the users and the company: their work is to create a network around the whole project, finding and activating (new) colleagues and important personalities or talents from various communities.


ProGaming has, in its team, high-level and highly-skilled employees, well-known in the games and digital entertainment industries and in eSports. In addition they’re always up to date with latest news and trends. Our staff stays in contact with influencers, providing them materials and tools to interact with their users, through which they generate engagement and interests. These figures work on a day by day basis with the most important Social Medias and Networks, creatively participating in the editorial updates process. They also have to gather and analyze user’s feedbacks, to be able to understand the most interesting bits and to improve products or services following the communities needs. They are also part of trade shows, fairs and events directly interact with, engage and interest the audience in different activities.