We are a specialized technology and rental company and therefore we are able to offer you many different services – to show the customer the best experience and technology – in cooperation with other partners who have been in the business for many years.


The company can rent you any kind of technical material or setup to suit the needs of your event, such as meetings, conferences, fairs, events, celebrations and concerts. Renting includes the full service: shipping or handling, the setup, installation and dismantling. In addition we work strictly respecting the Italian legislation, which means complete safety for workers, visitors and equipment.

We can provide you:

– Monitors, screens and TVs
– Sound systems
– Up-to date consoles
– Videowalls
– Photo Booths
– Info Stations

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Fun-tography your event!

Renting the photo booth is a great way to communicate your brand. The photo booth can also be customized with your logos and style, to create a better engagement with your company / product during the whole event (and beyond). It is also possible to rent it for parties, weddings and other private events. The device can instantly upload your pictures to a gallery/website/hosting up to your choice, or on a Facebook page such as the event’s official one. In addition, the photo booth can also instantly print your photos, and this feature is included in the basic renting package. Many addition features are also available, such as emailing your picture with a custom text, NFC integration to recognize the user, an image editor / composer, and much more. We are available to discuss with your further options and feature, to customize your experience in the best possible way.

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Interactive Point!

The info point and media totem is perfect for any location in which multimedia contents communications can make a difference. This way we can get more visitors and clients by informing them about news and current offers. The totem can be used as a directions system inside buildings or as a corporate solution to improve internal communication. Thanks to his interactivity it is perfect for every kind of meetings, stands and events. The content of the presentation gets transmitted form the totem to the PC, and thanks to the pre-installed software it can controlled easily all the time.

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