Since its Launch in 2003 ProGaming’s core business was the gaming events and competitions organisation, at a both professional and casual level.


Every event has each time seen a bigger success, which strengthened relationships with the most important brands in gaming industry with whom, as time passed, have worked together in different occasions suiting different needs. Supported by our sporting association, eSport Italia, we are able to create every kind of gaming competition or tournament: from the small tournament to bigger LAN parties, online or offline events, PC or Console or other platforms, write and edit regulations, hiring referees and admins, managing administration or any other collateral activities.


Between 2007 and 2012 we have been the Italian organizers for World Cyber Games, the so called Videogames Olympic Games, an international event which has seen participating the best Italian players and where we managed every aspect of the event from A to Z.


In 2015 we have created PSIL, PlayStation Italian League, the first online platform powered by Sony for whom wants to create tournaments, challenge other players or simply have fun online. ProGaming Italia manages both the online platform (publishing news or creating official tournaments), partnerships and offline events.


Since 10 years we have been the Italian licensor for ELS: ESL Play is the leading platform in the eSports world which gives players tournaments and ladders for any skill level.

We have a dedicated staff which curates all the online and offline activities, providing advanced solution aiming at giving the best possible experience for both involved clients, partners and publishers and, above all, the final users.

The ESL brand offers multiple solutions which ProGaming Italia is able to develop: managing competitions or brands promotion through different channels, applying our experience and knowledge as content creators, increasing visibility thanks to exclusive and solid bonds with international ESL divisions. In addition we can increase the interaction between brands and the users thanks to the involvement of accurately selected renowned casters, youtubers and influences.